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A Proven System For Learning To Speak and Comprehend Spanish Faster


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118 Words - Spanish Travel Survival Guide

Simple but effective travel guide that will help you get your Spanish ready for your next trip to a Spanish country.

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Secret Rule That Helps You Master Spanish Quickly

Powerful framework used by some of the smartest minds in human history to learn Spanish faster.

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Live Decoding Session For Rapid Comprehension

Discover a decoding method that will allow you to decode speak Native Spanish easier so you can understand.

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Simple Verb Conjugation Cheat Sheet

Quick and easy verb conjugation cheat sheet. Master verbs without the headache of memorization.

$99 FREE

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A $644 Value For Just $99

Seven Day Spanish System -$149 Value

SSF Members Circle - $99 Value

118 Words Travel Spanish Survival Guide- $99 Value

Secret Rule That Helps You Master Spanish Quickly - $99 Value

Decoding Session For Rapid Comprehension - $99 Value

Simple Verb Conjugation Cheat Sheet - $99 Value

In Case You're Wondering

Is This Course Only 7 Days?

Don't be fooled by the name of our program. The name "7 Day" Spanish exists because that's how fast it gets our students results. But the course is a full 4 week program that can be done over and over again. And after this one-time small investment, you'll have access for life.

Is the course for raw beginners to get them to basic conversation level or is it for people at mid-to-late beginner state and want to get to an intermediate conversational level?

This course is really for anyone looking to improve their speaking and comprehension ability no matter the current level. The training will be different than anything you’ve ever tried before. So even if you’re a beginner just getting started or someone who’s been practicing for a while this training will help. In fact, we’ve had students that have been practicing Spanish for years, with traditional methods, experience significantly better results in a matter of days with our program.

Is there much vocabulary and grammar in this course?

You will learn a ton of vocabulary words. Again, not in the traditional way of basic memorization but in a way that allows you to truly retain them. When it comes to grammar, there isn’t much focus on all the nuances of grammar such as proper conjugations and all that if that’s what you’re asking. I’m thinking of creating a specific grammar course in the near future. But this course is really dialed in to get people speaking as fast and fluent as possible. You’ll learn the proper grammar for the phrases and words we teach for conversation but we won’t spend much time on every conjugation tense for every verb.

Do I really get all of this for just $99?

Yes, everything is $99 including all of the bonuses. Also this is just a one-time payment.

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Results Guaranteed

If after you invest today and go through the training you don't believe you can improve your Spanish. Simply email us (within 60 days of purchase) and we will return 100% of your investment.

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